Curtains of a Candle

A fantastic piece of creative work of Russian type depth, which philosophically dramatizes the one compelling aspect of our entire
existence - our relationship with Death.

This was presented in a profound way that balanced 'the beauty' with 'the darkness', by personifying the probing player, Death (Tessa Brown), as an embracing and at times caring dancer ever watchful over her ailing mortal. Death, with her white winged robe, as that of an angel, seemed not so dark and even beautiful.

Then we have Life symbolised by trees, time clocks and that dimly lit spark of humanity - the slightly ghoulish centre figure played by Max. The spark of life itself seemed diminished by the moving shadow lurking beyond the trees and clocks. How true this is with all of us.

In this production Death stalks in a benign way as this spark of humanity cowers, perhaps unnecessarily, from the ineluctable reality, which hinders the time we do have. We have all danced with Death in various ways but return within ourselves to cling helplessly to the ticking clock, hiding behind the bushes (life itself).

What a positive lesson in life - to be a little more joyous despite pain and suffering, and a little less fearful about something we don't really know, and which may even bring us beauty and peace. This is why this performance, for me, is so amazingly counter balanced and profound.
— Michael Munro, Author                                                                                 
Curtains of a Candle presented as a two look collection at the Massey University Exposure Fashion Runway Show 2017

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